Carriage of Employees

The UAB “Šiauliai veža” pays special attention to cooperation with business clients, who are offered to sign long-term passenger transportation contracts. As a result, our partners’ staff can call taxis at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and avoid any inconvenience concerning cash payments.

We have the ability to carry you by regular passenger cars and increased capacity cars.

We are currently cooperating with more than 50 companies.

Upon request, we can take you to any city in Lithuania.

Advantages having signed a contract:

  • Your staff will be served first;
  • Flexible billing. Payment based on kilometres driven each month;
  • Employee management. You will have easy control over the number of employees, who use our services;
  • Rates:
    • taxi call – free,
    • 1 km day / night in the city and out of town – 0.32 €,
    • Travel price per minute – € 0.14,
    • day/night time entrance fee – € 0.80.

By signing a contract with our company, you will be able to transport your company’s employees to the company, transport guests from the airport or elsewhere on attractive terms. To sign a long-term contract for the carriage of employees, write to us now.

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