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Now every 10 trips you will get a 4 Euro BONUS!

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Download our NEO Taxi smart app from Google Play or the App Store, choose where you want to go and thats it! You can pay with a bank card through the app or in cash with the driver.


We carry passengers by:

  • passenger cars,
  • minibuses,
  • hybrid vehicles.

We can carry our passengers:

  • to any city in Lithuania,
  • to any country of the EU.

Additional services of our company:

• taxi call by SMS,
• We can meet passengers at the airport, station, etc.
• courier service (small parcels, correspondence),
• we can bring a car with a driver,
• car booking,
• hire of drivers,
• transporting children to and from school,
• we also transport pets,
• take patients for medical visits, dialysis,
• deliver food from cafes / restaurants,
• roadside assistance for broken cars,
•starting a vehicle, which battery has been discharged, with wires (crocodiles)
• towing a broken down car with a cable.


The cheapest taxi in Šiauliai

We can serve companies on a contractual basis

Woman – taxi driver

Children taxi